Our Founder

Todd Filsinger has been active in the energy sector for over 30 years and is recognized globally as a leader and turn-around specialist in the energy sector.

Mr. Filsinger provides high-level strategy, economic evaluation, expert testimony, forecasting, and complete interim-management solutions to energy, oil & gas, industrial, and manufacturing companies. 

As an interim executive leader hired to turn companies around and lead them through difficult situations, Mr. Filsinger has guided several utilities through industry restructuring, developed complex strategies for utilities and renewable energy companies, and has been involved with the restructuring of a majority of merchant power companies. 

He has also led and managed some of the largest trading operations in the United States. Additionally, Mr. Filsinger has assisted commodity-based businesses and has helped both regulated and merchant utilities across the United States in the areas of strategy, regulatory compliance and filings, asset divestiture, and capital allocation techniques. 

Most recently, Mr. Filsinger has been integral to wildfire mitigation planning across several western states. For example, he has been active in the State of California, assisting the Governor’s Office with the PG&E bankruptcy, wildfire mitigation plan, and Public Safety Power Shutoff program.

Also notable, Mr. Filsinger served as Chief Financial Advisor to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, overseeing the post-hurricane recovery and transformation from 2017 to 2019. Additionally, he served as Interim Chief  Executive Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer for Hawkeye Growth in 2009, and was the leader of PA Consulting Group’s Global Energy Practice from 2002 through 2010.